Royal Mail Experiencing Severe Disruption Following Cyber Attack

14 Jan 2023

Royal Mail is facing another major disruption as a result of a cyber attack, which has left hundreds of thousands of letters and parcels stuck in limbo.

The attack is suspected to have come from a Russian-linked ransomware gang called Lockbit, and it has already caused “severe disruption” to Royal Mail’s international export services, with the company temporarily unable to dispatch items overseas.

The company has asked customers to refrain from posting items overseas until it can investigate the incident and restore the services.

It is currently unclear when the cyber attack incident is likely to be resolved and shipping will resume, but it is clear that the disruption is having a major impact on Royal Mail and its customers. Businesses who rely on Royal Mail’s services are likely to be feeling the effects of this, as are the workers whose jobs are at risk.

The company has asked customers to be patient while it investigates the incident and hopes to restore services as soon as possible. In the meantime, businesses should consider alternative delivery services if they need to send items overseas.

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